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Cyber Security Tips for Your Business


If you’re running an online business or an offline business, cyber security should be top on your list of priorities. With malware attacks and identity theft becoming more common, you can’t afford to ignore it – the cost may be catastrophic.

What can you do to protect your company and personal data? Fortunately there are many steps you can take, starting with your own computer.

Cyber Security Software

A top-rated cyber security suite can help protect your data from keylogging (key capturing) attacks as well as phishing attacks & malware. There are many suppliers of cyber security software including Symantec, Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee & the AVG.

This software can include anti-virus and malware protection as well as firewall security, it all depends on the product you choose and how much money you are prepared to invest.

Look for software that has received good reviews, obviously – from personal experience Nortons is not a good choice, because it has a very common tendency of bringing your machine to a halt. I personally use and recommend Kaspersky, because it includes 5 licenses which lets me protect my MacBook Air, my Windows 10 desktop and other family computers.

Be Smart Online

The best software in the world can’t protect you from being careless. Avoid clicking any links in emails from people you do not know. You should also make it a habit to double-check the actual URL of any links you see in emails or websites that you may not fully trust.

As a general rule, .ZIP files and particularly .EXE file attachments should be treated as highly suspicious.

Also, never share your personal details online outside of secure forms – and even then, only with vendors you know and trust. It’s too easy these days for cyber attackers to take your personal information and use it against you. We are seeing an increase in cryptoware, a scenario where attackers lock you out of your website unless you pay them thousands of dollars. In 2015 the frequency of these attacks increased substantially and show no sign of slowing down.

Educate Your Team on Cyber Awareness

Sign up to online cyber security training courses for you and your team. Make sure they understand the implication of a cyber breach and what they can do to help avoid this from happening.

From time to time, test your team to see how they respond to various cyber threat scenarios. For example, you could send an email from a bogus account that “looks real” and see who clicks the link.

Use SSL for Ecommerce Sites

If you’re selling online, you’ll want to ensure that you’re using an SSL certificate for your customer’s safety. This will help prevent you from being accused of stealing credit card information, and also help give your customers confidence in your site – which will directly impact the number of sales you generate every month.