Pivotal Homes’ Michael Irwin Uses Website to Give Clients Peace of Mind

Michael Irwin Pivotal Homes

While most websites are purely for marketing purposes (to promote a business, attract leads and so on), some smart business owners are using their website to build relationships with their existing clients. Michael Irwin of Pivotal Homes is one such business owner.

The Michael Irwin Approach to Customer Service with Pivotal Homes

On Michael Irwin’s company website, he gives his property investment clients a seperate login where they can view photos of their property… while it’s being built.

The benefit of this for Pivotal Homes’ clients is significant. Especially for interstate investors, who would otherwise have to pay for airfares and accomodation to see the progress of their investment property. Not only that, but the normal concerns experienced by property investors – building delays, shortcuts being taken, tradesmen being lazy on site – are largely addressed by being able to see the progress photos right there on the company website.

Of course, the most effective inspections are in person, on site – but at least with this setup, clients can use this as an “optional extra” – not a “mandatory monthly exercise”.

It’s not uncommon for Michael’s clients to never visit the site at all, particularly his repeat clients who know and trust Pivotal Homes to finish the job as they promised.

Michael Irwin believes, “…it’s quite a simple thing, but I find it’s still very uncommon in this industry… I’m regularly surprised more builders aren’t showing that extra level of service to their clients.”


What Can YOUR Website Do?

It’s easy to think, “Great, but that won’t work for me / my industry / my customers”. But this thinking is very limited! There are many ways you can add extra value to your clients with your website. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Share unique educational video content, by you and your team
  • Run surveys for client feedback
  • Give viewers access to web-based tools, such as pricing calculators and decision-making workflows

You can also integrate many third-party apps into your website to help with this. Fantastic modern tools such as TypeForm can be embedded on your website, allowing you to create a fun and interesting way for your clients to share their feedback with you.

Social Media Value

There’s no reason for this “extra value” to be limited to your primary website, either. Social media is an excellent way to provide advanced customer service. Many Facebookers today use the Messenger for asking common questions from “what time are you open?” to “how much for your services?”

Smart business owners don’t consider these questions as annoyances or interruptions, but as an opportunity to respond (in real time) with a live, interested prospect. They understand that at EVERY interaction, they and their team are either enhancing or damaging the view of their company in the eyes of that customer.

Beyond Messenger, Facebook posts can be scheduled to include helpful links, articles and much more beyond the common “buy my stuff” posts we see on that platform.

The same can be true on the other major social platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. By building relationships with your clients – rather than being silent or posting the occasional sales pitch – you’ll be increasing the reach of your brand, and positioning yourself as the “market leader” in your industry.

Now Go And Do Likewise!

Just as Michael Irwin at Pivotal Homes can add extra value to his clients with his website, you can absolutely do the same thing. It may take a brainstorming session with your team to come up with some quality ideas, but once you’ve got those ideas, ensure you follow-through. In business, the spoils belong to the action takers!